So you think it’s 2010?


Future water!

Future water!

Well you’d be almost totally correct, but not quite…

You see, according to this bottle of water we bought at a market, it’s also the year 2553.

We couldn’t get the whole story, because we don’t speak Thai, but it’s clearly something to do with Worm Holes and the Space Time Continuum and stuff.

We’re both really excited about seeing the future. Will it be a “Mad Max” and “Terminator” style war zone or more peaceful like “Back to the Future 2” and “Minority Report”? Adam has this wild theory about Ants rising up to rule the world but that probably won’t have happened by 2553.

Anyway, we’ll let you know when we’ve seen it.

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One response to “So you think it’s 2010?

  1. The Fish

    The ants? I knew it! No one suspects the ants.

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