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Get your Vietnam Pictures here!

We were in Vietnam last week. We’re not there anymore, but you can re-live the good times with us by clicking here or clicking the pictures.

Click the pics

Click the Pics


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Coffee review… for a wee change

Coffee in Vietnam

Coffee in Vietnam

Location: On Ly Tu Trong, near Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City

Date/Time: 30th October, about 5.45am as we just got off the sleeper train.

Variety of Tea: Vietnamese drip coffee (Okay I know we’re on a tea journey but Vietnam is ALL about the coffee)

Cost: 10,000 Dong (about 35p) including a pot of iced Vietnamese tea for Adam

Service: Friendly albeit mostly in sign language. I also got my sandals repaired AND cleaned with toothbrush for a dollar!

Taste: Strong and rich, good for keeping me awake until hotel check in at 12pm! If you look closely you can see the layer of condensed milk at the bottom making it oh so sweet.

Ambiance: Outside in the early morning sun with locals whizzing past on their scooters going to work. Great spot for people watching.

Shadam rating: 7/10. We could quite happily sit and watch the world go by for ages but the wee plastic chairs got a bit sore after a while.

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Great water in Hoi An

Today Adam bought some personalised water in a deal reported to be worth in excess of 35p.

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Suit you Sir!

It’s not just for the rich and famous you know,  even a couple of unemployed tea lovers like us can afford to get clothes made-to-measure in Vietnam.

Here is Adam sporting his new custom Tweed suit, cut in the Italian style of course.

Pretty sharp my friend

Pretty sharp my friend


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Goodnight China, Good Morning Vietnam

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged anything, but you know, this not having jobs and travelling the world lark keeps us pretty busy!

Anyway, to mark our return to proper blogging after escaping censorship-tastic China, here are some pice of our last 3 weeks in China and a few from our first week in Vietnam.

…You know the drill, click here or click the pics.

Click the pics to go to flickr

Click the pics to go to flickr


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