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Chefs Hat Special Edition

OK, so this special edition is a bit late, but the Chefs hat got some new friends over New Year 2010 and here are the pics.

Clockwise from top right, the new Chefs are: Karen, James, Audrey and Craig. Looking good guys.

Chefs hat special edition


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Northern Thailand pics… Finally!

These have taken us a while to post, but they don’t make it easy to blog in China so just be happy they’re here!

This little selection is from Northern Thailand where we slept in the woods, made Tea with a bamboo kettle and ate some spicy spicy food. Happy days.

Click the pics!

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Bad place to break a shoe…

Last week we walked to the top of a pretty big and spectacular waterfall near Luang Prabang in Laos when Sheena’s sandal broke.

Now these weren’t just any old sandals. Oh no, according to the dodgy market we got them from in China, these were “Genuine Ugg Sandals“, “straight from the Ugg factory” and had “real sheep’s wool lining“.

Anyway, the point of the story is that sometimes cheap fake sandals from China can last 5 months, but don’t go walking up massive staircases in them because you might get stuck.

Sheena's broken sandal

* This blog post is dedicated to our friend James who knows how it feels when things break unexpectedly. The poor chap lost 3 pairs of sunglasses in Thailand when they got:

  1. Crushed in a door
  2. Left in a taxi
  3. Melted to his head and then snapped while being unstuck

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Christmas in Thailand

We were in Thailand for Christmas and New Year, but it was OK because some of our friends came over to see us.

Why not have a look at some pictures we took along the way!

So head on over to Flickr by clicking here or clicking the pics.

Click the Pics!

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Green Tea, with a sweet Thai twist


iced green tea, weekend market

iced green tea, weekend market

Location: Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand. At a wee food and drink stall

Date/Time: 5th December 2009

Variety of Tea: Iced Green Tea. It’s Matcha Green Tea (Japanese and very healthy). Then it’s mixed with a table spoon of sugar, two of evaporated milk, one of condensed milk and lots of ice.

Cost: 30 Baht (about 55p)

Service: Fast as a fast person making tea quickly.

Taste: A lot like a milk shake. Pretty sweet. Tastier than plain Matcha Green Tea but that may be due to the sweetness

Ambiance: Sunny day, great market, full of locals. Adam had just bought a sweet Bruce Lee t-shirt so the tea was the icing on the cake!

Shadam rating: 8/10. Really healthy but not really healthy all at the same time. One of life’s lovely little dilemmas

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So you think it’s 2010?


Future water!

Future water!

Well you’d be almost totally correct, but not quite…

You see, according to this bottle of water we bought at a market, it’s also the year 2553.

We couldn’t get the whole story, because we don’t speak Thai, but it’s clearly something to do with Worm Holes and the Space Time Continuum and stuff.

We’re both really excited about seeing the future. Will it be a “Mad Max” and “Terminator” style war zone or more peaceful like “Back to the Future 2” and “Minority Report”? Adam has this wild theory about Ants rising up to rule the world but that probably won’t have happened by 2553.

Anyway, we’ll let you know when we’ve seen it.

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Cambodia in 14 pictures…

This is the cream of the crop. An extra primo fantastic selection of our pics from Cambodia.

No fillers here my friends, only the best for you.

So go on, click here or click the pics.

Cambodia pics

Click the pics!

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Cambodian weight loss plan

Never mind the details, we’ll just lets the results speak for themselves. See how Sheena lost 15 stones in only 3 weeks on the Cambodian weight loss plan! Amazing!

And for anyone who just thinks that Sheena bought some ridiculously large Cambodian trousers… you just don’t want to believe… shame on you!

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A sign of good Tea

We went to a cracking wee cafe in kampot today and learned the sign language for “Tea”

Not sure if it’s official sign langage, but anything that might help order Tea is fine by us!

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Chef reaches new heights

The Chef has been on the worlds longest non-stop train journey, in the worlds biggest city, on the worlds longest wall…

but now we move to another level… 10,000ft to be precise, as the Chef climbs some sacred mountains in China, and takes some timeout to train as a Terracotta warrior.

Does that sound amazing? Of course it does! Click here or click on the pic

Chef on Mt Hua, China

Chef on Mt Hua, China

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