Just so we don’t forget…

May 2009

Ferry to Amsterdam

1 week through Europe by Train

3 weeks in Russia including the Trans Siberian from Moscow to Vladivostok

June 2009

Boat to Japan

2 nights in Tokyo

WWOOFing and camping in Hokkaido

July 2009

More WWOOFing and camping in Hokkaido

Boat back to Tokyo

More WWOOFing

Aug 2009

2 weeks in Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka

Boat to Shanghai

A week in Shanghai

A week in Beijing

Sept 2009

2 weeks in Pingyao, X’ian and Chengdu

2 weeks and Sheena’s Birthday in Yangshuo

Oct 2009

2 more weeks in China (Xing-Ping, Back to Yangshuo and Nanning)

Bus to Vietnam

A week in Hanoi and Halong Bay

A week in Hue and Hoi-An

Nov 2009

4 nights in Saigon

A week on Phu Quoc island

Boat to Ha’Tien then Motorbike to Cambodia

A week in Kep and Kampot

2 weeks in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

Dec 2009

Bus to Thailand

4 days in Bangkok then a train down south

2 weeks on Koh Tao

Christmas and New Year with our friends!

Christmas and New Year in Thailand

Jan 2010

3 weeks in Northern Thailand trekking, riding motorbikes and the like (Chiang Mai, Mao Hong Son, Chiang Rai, Chiang Khong)

Boat over the river to Laos

Feb 2010

Traveling north through Laos (Luang Prabang, Nong Khiaw, Luang Nam Tha)

Bus over the border to China

A night in Jing Hong

Chinese New Year in Kunming

A few days in Dali

3 days trekking in Tiger Leaping Gorge

A week and Adam’s 30th in Lijiang

March 2010

10 days in Chengdu

3 days in Dunhuang

3 days in Urumqi. Our Kazakhstan dreams are shattered

The cleanest sleeper train in China back to Beijing

2 weeks in Beijing

April 2010

6 days on the Trans Manchurian from Beijing to Moscow

One response to “Itinerary

  1. Dougie Robertson

    Hi Adam,

    Rhona sent this to you at VS but it got knocked back. She asked for your email address and I was given this site by Ruth, via C-J. If you need Rhona’s email address, let me know.

    Hope you are enjoying your travels.

    Dougie (Family Fortunes)

    did i ever reply to this properly? i’m sitting killing time in a net cafe in Gyeongju, Korea and i see i still have this email flagged. it came through a few weeks before the wedding so i may not have given it the attention it deserves, sorry :o(

    we’re about to give WOOFing a shot over here in Korea. i’ve talked to a few people who’ve done it and i did a few weeks in Japan. it’s a good way to get off the beaten track and live with locals. as to getting off the beaten track in China it’s easy enough to get away from foreign tourists i found but there are still plenty of domestic tourists. some of my favourite places were up in Xinjiang (the muslim north west) or Tibet. also places like Huangshan, Putoshan and some of the smaller places that might be in the Lonely planet but aren’t often visited by foreigners. with 6 months you have some time to play with.

    i’m not sure if i/dougie mentioned it but i also lived in Japan for 2.5 years so if you need some tips there i can help out too. be prepared to pay a lot more in Japan than you will in China. it’s a developed country with developed country’s an amazing place though, with so much to see and so many chance to get out of the Kyoto/Tokyo rut so many tourists get stuck in.

    and in SE Asia you MUST go to the temples of Angkor. allow at least 3 days. i was there for 8 when we went but i want to go back and really spend some time. wait a sec, have you already left? if so we might even cross paths sometime! we’re in Korea for another month and a half or so and will be heading to China from here. first off i think we’re heading to Tibet and trying to get out into the more remote areas.

    happy travelling

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