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Cambodia in 14 pictures…

This is the cream of the crop. An extra primo fantastic selection of our pics from Cambodia.

No fillers here my friends, only the best for you.

So go on, click here or click the pics.

Cambodia pics

Click the pics!

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Cambodian weight loss plan

Never mind the details, we’ll just lets the results speak for themselves. See how Sheena lost 15 stones in only 3 weeks on the Cambodian weight loss plan! Amazing!

And for anyone who just thinks that Sheena bought some ridiculously large Cambodian trousers… you just don’t want to believe… shame on you!

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A sign of good Tea

We went to a cracking wee cafe in kampot today and learned the sign language for “Tea”

Not sure if it’s official sign langage, but anything that might help order Tea is fine by us!

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