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Free Tea in Japan

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Location: Lake Toya, Japan. At our WWOOF host’s festival-party-cultural-event-thing

Date/Time: 11th July 2009 (ages ago, I know!)

Variety of Tea: Wild Tea. Made from a local wild herb. It’s an ancient remedy to everything, but then a cup of Tea always makes you feel better doesn’t it!

Cost: Free, if you know where to look.

Service: Made over an open fire by the Chief of the local Ainu tribe. He was the kind of guy who looks like he knows the all the secrets of the world.

Taste: Subtle herb taste and a hint of smoke from the fire. Like nothing else but right tasty.

Ambiance: Beautiful sunny day, calm lake on one side and mountains on the other. Very nice indeed.

Shadam rating: 8/10. A once in a lifetime cup of tea. A tasty brew in a beautiful setting, made by the chief of an ancient tribe. Sometimes, the best things really are free.

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Tea, waiting 6 hours for a train in Latvia

Tea  in Dugavpils

Tea in Dugavpils

Location: Daugavpils, Latvia. In a random cafe

Date/Time: 8th May 2009, Lunch time

Variety of Tea: Black, loose leaf. Looked nice in the jar

Cost: 3 Lats (About £4) for 2

Service: Only one member of staff spoke English, so she got all her colleagues out to listen to me order. Amusing but a little odd

Taste: Cracking cuppa, even got milk which is a rare thing on this trip!

Ambiance: Shopping centre chic, not great. And they stopped us playing cards because it’s illegal in Latvia to play cards in public – strange but true

Shadam rating: 5/10

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Tea in Warsaw

Tea in Warsaw

Tea in Warsaw

 Location: Centre of Warsaw, posh restaurant (real table cloth, posh indeed!)

Date/Time: 6th May 2009, approx 12:30

Variety of Tea: Earl Grey

Cost: 12 Zlote (about 3 pounds)

Service: The man wore cufflinks, nuff said

Taste: Pretty good, it came in one of those massive cups. Not sure why that’s worth mentioning, but it is

Ambiance: We were outside, it started raining, we were under an umbrella thing. Cue the old “we’re not getting wet” warm glow inside

Shadam rating: 4/10 – Bit pricy for the area but altogether not bad

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First tea review

Tea on Berlin train
Tea on Berlin train

Location: Train from Amsterdam to Berlin

Date/Time: 2nd May,approx 3pm

Variety of Tea: English Breakfast (made to order,bag left in)

Cost: €5.40 for 2

Service: German efficiency coupled with Dutch friendliness. Had to walk miles for it tho, no table service here…

Taste: Bog standard, wee bit stewey for Adam

Ambiance: Nice view but nothing special. Lets be honest, it was on a train!

Shadam rating: Solid 3/10

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