Thai Tea – Try it… once


Thai Milky Tea with Tamarind, really it is

Thai Milky Tea with Tamarind, really it is

Location: Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand. At a wee food and drink stall

Date/Time: 5th December 2009

Variety of Tea: Thai Tea. It’s milky tea mixed with ground Tamarind seed which makes it go a weird orange colour. And of course it has a layer of condensed milk!

Cost: 20 Baht (about 40p)

Service: Fast, efficient, not so friendly but it was a busy market so that’s fair enough

Taste: Strange, sweet, odd, savory, interesting, different, unique

Ambiance: Sunny day, great market, full of locals. Pretty good

Shadam rating: 2/10. You have to try the local brew but we won’t be having a second cup!

*This Tea review is dedicated to our friend Craig Dunn, who we still love even though, while in Thailand, he committed the unforgivable sin of forgetting about a cup of tea and not drinking it.


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3 responses to “Thai Tea – Try it… once

  1. it wasn’t a mere cup of tea, it was a full pot. I’m blackafronted.

  2. Oi! That’s online defamation!

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