Buying art in Yangshuo

Local Yangshuo Artist Creates Masterpiece!

We were sitting having dinner tonight when a young chap came up and sold us a picture he’d just created using a piece of paper and some scissors.

A bargain at 50p, don’t you think?

(The real Adam is on the left by the way)

back in yangshuo oct 09


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Free Tea in Japan

dsc 0214

Location: Lake Toya, Japan. At our WWOOF host’s festival-party-cultural-event-thing

Date/Time: 11th July 2009 (ages ago, I know!)

Variety of Tea: Wild Tea. Made from a local wild herb. It’s an ancient remedy to everything, but then a cup of Tea always makes you feel better doesn’t it!

Cost: Free, if you know where to look.

Service: Made over an open fire by the Chief of the local Ainu tribe. He was the kind of guy who looks like he knows the all the secrets of the world.

Taste: Subtle herb taste and a hint of smoke from the fire. Like nothing else but right tasty.

Ambiance: Beautiful sunny day, calm lake on one side and mountains on the other. Very nice indeed.

Shadam rating: 8/10. A once in a lifetime cup of tea. A tasty brew in a beautiful setting, made by the chief of an ancient tribe. Sometimes, the best things really are free.

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Birthday Photos, check it

It’s Sheena’s Birthday today!

…and in honor of her 32nd year, here are 32 excellent pics of China, enjoy!

Click here or click the pics

fullscreen capture 23092009 173622


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Top, Middle or Bottom

Sleeper trains, you’ve got to love them. Going to sleep in one place and waking up in another… happy days.

We’ve been on our fair share, including the 3-leveled “hard sleeper” in China. They aren’t actually hard, there just isn’t much room to do much of anything, like sit upright.

Having said that, after sampling all 3 levels, we actually like the top one best – a bit of privacy and no-one spilling their pot-noodle on your bed!

img 0556

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Sayonara Japan

These are our last photos of Japan, including:
Our final WWOOF
Hiroshima and the yearly peace festival
Miyajima island with it’s floating Temple
Osaka where we got a boat to China.

As usual click here or click the pics to go to Flickr

Pics coming next… China!

fullscreen capture 03092009 144714

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The day we met a legend…

So there we were, just walking down the street in Beijing minding our own business when the man, the legend, Mr Jackie Chan just appeared in front of us.

And what a nice guy he was, he even posed for a picture holding his own camera, the cheeky devil.

img 0527

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Transformer spotted in China

They’re clever those Robots In Disguise, but little do they know that Adam is a child of the 80’s and isn’t so easily fooled.

This particular Transformer was lurking on a pavement in Shanghai. Didn’t even say hello when we walked by, just pretended to be a van…

img 0514


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Not Shanghai X-Factor but…

So we were in a shopping mall in Shanghai and we thought they were getting ready to start auditions for X-Factor as each hopeful came on stage and introduced themselves. But it was something so much better…

They were actually getting ready for the Shanghai regional final of the Chinese national Jigsaw championships. Quite a sight to see, and by the miracle of digital photography you can see it too!

shanghai aug 09

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Goodbye old friend

All good things must come to an end… The A-Team, Opal Fruits, Global Hypercolour T-Shirts and even Adam’s beard!

It’s not gone forever, it’s hair, it’ll grow back, but it was time for a wee change. Even if it means I’m not a minor celebrity when I walk down the streets of Shanghai anymore!

So I went to see my new friend Jimmy and got a very thorough haircut/ massage/ surreal experience. You see, I don’t speak Mandarin and Jimmy didn’t speak a lot of English so convincing him to shave off most of my hair wasn’t easy. But with the help of 6 member of staff and a family photo album, he got the message and went to work.

So as you can see, it’s goodbye to Teen Wolf/ Planet of the Apes man and hello to… who does Adam look like now? Answers on a postcard please!

slr 22nd aug

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Rural Japan to the Big Smoke

Just what you always wanted… more pictures of Sheena and Adam!

These are all from Japan. Michael Jackson died during this time so there’s a wee tribute to him in there, can you spot it?

So if that sounds like your cup of Tea then click here or click the pics

Click the pics to go to Flickr

Click the pics to go to Flickr

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