Thai Tea – Try it… once


Thai Milky Tea with Tamarind, really it is

Thai Milky Tea with Tamarind, really it is

Location: Weekend Market, Bangkok, Thailand. At a wee food and drink stall

Date/Time: 5th December 2009

Variety of Tea: Thai Tea. It’s milky tea mixed with ground Tamarind seed which makes it go a weird orange colour. And of course it has a layer of condensed milk!

Cost: 20 Baht (about 40p)

Service: Fast, efficient, not so friendly but it was a busy market so that’s fair enough

Taste: Strange, sweet, odd, savory, interesting, different, unique

Ambiance: Sunny day, great market, full of locals. Pretty good

Shadam rating: 2/10. You have to try the local brew but we won’t be having a second cup!

*This Tea review is dedicated to our friend Craig Dunn, who we still love even though, while in Thailand, he committed the unforgivable sin of forgetting about a cup of tea and not drinking it.


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Cambodia in 14 pictures…

This is the cream of the crop. An extra primo fantastic selection of our pics from Cambodia.

No fillers here my friends, only the best for you.

So go on, click here or click the pics.

Cambodia pics

Click the pics!

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Normal service will resume!

Ok, so we haven’t posted anything on the blog for a month… But that just means there is so much great stuff to put up now!

So get ready for Cabodia pics, tea reviews, Christmas joy and of course Chefs Hat

Just not right now because we’re in an internet cafe and don’t have any pictures for you, so please enjoy our Twitter feed, it’s all for you, can you feel the love?

Over and out.


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Cambodian weight loss plan

Never mind the details, we’ll just lets the results speak for themselves. See how Sheena lost 15 stones in only 3 weeks on the Cambodian weight loss plan! Amazing!

And for anyone who just thinks that Sheena bought some ridiculously large Cambodian trousers… you just don’t want to believe… shame on you!

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A sign of good Tea

We went to a cracking wee cafe in kampot today and learned the sign language for “Tea”

Not sure if it’s official sign langage, but anything that might help order Tea is fine by us!

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Chef reaches new heights

The Chef has been on the worlds longest non-stop train journey, in the worlds biggest city, on the worlds longest wall…

but now we move to another level… 10,000ft to be precise, as the Chef climbs some sacred mountains in China, and takes some timeout to train as a Terracotta warrior.

Does that sound amazing? Of course it does! Click here or click on the pic

Chef on Mt Hua, China

Chef on Mt Hua, China

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Get your Vietnam Pictures here!

We were in Vietnam last week. We’re not there anymore, but you can re-live the good times with us by clicking here or clicking the pictures.

Click the pics

Click the Pics


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