Transformer spotted in China

They’re clever those Robots In Disguise, but little do they know that Adam is a child of the 80’s and isn’t so easily fooled.

This particular Transformer was lurking on a pavement in Shanghai. Didn’t even say hello when we walked by, just pretended to be a van…

img 0514


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2 responses to “Transformer spotted in China

  1. JACKaLL

    We’re all reading your blog after having just eaten four crabs and two lobsters – the taste of Tiree. Luckily we ate before we saw the beard.

    It’s a Tuesday and we’re all drunk and playing with a personal massage device. Happy days….

    Looking forward to reading about the ‘unplanned adventure’ before seeing you in sunny Thailand (apart from Les and Lindsay who are not jealous at all – not to worry though because it turns out Audrey cheats at cards too!)

    See you soon

    Feasgear math!

  2. What can I say, my survival instincts kicked in as I wasn’t prepared to have any more shots. Anyway, if it was for my honesty nobody would’ve ever known (unlike Lindsay and her blatant ways).

    Your sake night looked like fun!


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