2 months in… what has Adam learned?

Emergency-Backup-Security Snickers

Emergency-Backup-Security Snickers

1. Russians don’t drink vodka very much
2. I can have clean underwear every day with only three pairs of pants and two pairs of socks
3. In Russia, anything that looks like milk is probably yoghurt (we bought yoghurt instead of milk 3 times)
4. Even posh Japanese restaurants have picture menus and plastic models of food
5. I’m always happier when I’ve got a reserve backup security Snickers bar stashed somewhere (the one pictured above has been with us for about 3 weeks)
6. You can use shampoo as washing up liquid
7. Bringing 11 USB memory sticks was probably overkill
8. You can have a cracking bath almost anywhere in Japan, even at the bottom of a mountain in the middle of nowhere
9. A pint of guiness in Tokyo costs £8 but a bottle of Johnnie Walker whisky is only £9
10. I use exactly 50ml of toothpaste per month

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One response to “2 months in… what has Adam learned?

  1. Fish

    Wearing underwear inside out doesn’t count!

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