Tea in Sapporo, Japan

Tea in Sapporo

Tea in Sapporo

Location: Sapporo, Japan

Date/Time: 15th June 2009

Variety of Tea: Green Tea milk shake (cold). Might have had ice-cream in it

Cost: 450 Yen (~£3)

Service: Just the usual friendly and helpful Japanese service we’re getting used to.

Taste: Maybe just about the nicest drink I’ve had on the trip so far. Tasty, smooth, creamy… a little bit special.

Ambiance: Just a wee café but it had just started raining so it looked pretty good at the time

Shadam rating: A strong 8/10. Might be stretching the definition of Tea a bit, but is was a smashing drink.

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One response to “Tea in Sapporo, Japan

  1. Audrey

    Hey, I’ve tried the green tea shakes and ice cream – much tastier than the hot stuff! Enjoying following your travels. Do you keep the emergency snickers in your beard Adam?

    Oh, check out facebook for piccies of Mari’s wedding – lovely day:0)

    Audrey x

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