Some new Chef’s Hat pics…

Including the chef looking pretty camp with his new favourite Japanese drink, Pocari Sweat.

Click here or click on the picture to go straight to the action.

Chef's favourite drink - Japan

Chef's favourite drink - Japan


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3 responses to “Some new Chef’s Hat pics…

  1. Michael M

    Adam i spend alot of time on the interenet, looking at stuff you wouldn’t believe. But, in all honesty, this is one of the creepiest shots i’ve seen in a long while.


  2. And I thought Gordon Ramsey was scary!

    Still, Ginger beard. It’s the colour of champions.

  3. Les M

    Beard is coming along well – cant wait to see it in six months time 🙂

    Hope your having a fab time .

    You never know – you might get hired as a chef yet!

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