The Moscow sense of humour?

Some of the Moscow sights that aren’t in the guide book.


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5 responses to “The Moscow sense of humour?

  1. moira starks

    whatever is a bitchin’comb?

  2. moira starks

    What is a bitchin’ comb?!!!!!

  3. moira starks

    Sorry guys! You won’t want to hear this.
    N.Korea has let off a nuclear test today. Despite Hilary Clinton trying to negotiate, they are refusing to talk to the USA.
    N.Japan and N Korea look to be on the same latitude.
    I’m a bit concerned re fall-out.
    Hope you have masks.
    all love

  4. moira starks

    I cant believe this is your 5th day on the train.Love the pics,by the way.
    Is it cold on the train? Are you enjoying the ride?

    Just a word re Swine flu. There has been quite a large outbreak in Japan, mainly in Primary schools, but worth a check now and again.

    Is the train comfortable. Does it go fast? Are you able to sleep? do you have companions?
    love to you both.

  5. I’ll bet the guy with the mullet has a bitchin comb!

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