First tea review

Tea on Berlin train
Tea on Berlin train

Location: Train from Amsterdam to Berlin

Date/Time: 2nd May,approx 3pm

Variety of Tea: English Breakfast (made to order,bag left in)

Cost: €5.40 for 2

Service: German efficiency coupled with Dutch friendliness. Had to walk miles for it tho, no table service here…

Taste: Bog standard, wee bit stewey for Adam

Ambiance: Nice view but nothing special. Lets be honest, it was on a train!

Shadam rating: Solid 3/10

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One response to “First tea review

  1. Also enjoying a styrofoam cuppa while reading the blog! Apparently this is an ‘orange pekoe'(?!). Only in Vegas could they not have English Breakfast and replace it for something so random. Still, the zestiness is refreshing. 5/10.

    Right, away to renew our wedding vows with Elvis.

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