Buying train tickets in Warsaw

Train station in Warsaw, trying to buy a ticket to Riga in Latvia (holding a print out of the 4 trains we need to book with times)

Adam: We’d like to book 2 tickets to Riga 


Train Lady: No train

      Adam furiously checks that there is a train 

      Sheena tries to stare out the train lady, no joy

Adam: Tomorrow morning? (hands over print out) 


Train Lady: No train to Riga 

Train Lady: No train today 

Train Lady: No train tomorrow 

Train Lady: After tomorrow… no train 

        Adam and Sheena exchange puzzled looks

Train Lady: I can… train to Vilnius 

        Adam and Sheena exchange puzzled looks, unsure exactly where that is

Adam: OK, we’ll take them 

       As we’re paying for the tickets…

Sheena: If that’s in Belarus we’ll need a Visa… 

       It turned out that Vilnius isn’t in Belarus, and all was well. Except that Vilnius is in Lithuania where we hadn’t planned to go so that’ll be exciting…

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One response to “Buying train tickets in Warsaw

  1. James

    Hi Shadam,

    Hope you’re both enjoying Berlin / Warszaw / Vilnius / Minsk / the Gulag

    Keep the tea reviews coming!


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