On the 1st May 2009 it begins

On the 1st May 2009 Sheena and Adam will set off on the slow road to China (including some bits where we go by train and boat) in search of the ultimate tea experience

1st Leg - Europe


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2 responses to “On the 1st May 2009 it begins

  1. mum

    so you are now in Berlin. I certainly didn’t know there were two stations in Amsterdam. How long are you staying here? Apart from the Brandenburg Gate and the Wall I don’t know what else there is, having never been there.
    By the way, when you go to St Petersburg, remember to visit the Summer Palace and Peterhof (of the fountains) as well as the Hermitage, and the church of the spilt blood. A visit to the Kirov Theatre might be of interest: look out for the name of Tamara Karsavina (prima Ballerina) in some of the pictures. I worked closely with her.
    How am I to hear from Sheena? Will it be on this website or via email?
    Have fun!!
    love moira

    How is sheena contacting me? Is it via this website or my hotmail address?

  2. Ruth

    Good to see you and Sheena enjoying your travels, keep up with the twitter and hope to see some pics soon!


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